Feel more fit with our 21 Day Fit Challenge

We have specially developed this challenge for those that don't want to start off slowly with losing weight or becoming more fit. For 21 days we're going to work hard for optimal results. Together with a personal trainer, you're going to get as much results as possible.


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We have specially developed this challenge for those that don’t want to start slowly with losing weight and becoming more fit. For 21 days we’re going to work hard to get optimal results. 

What clients say about Premium Personal Training

More Fit

You want to make a big step to becoming more fit.


You want to take down the numbers on the scale.


You want to train under the guidance of a professional and qualified personal trainer. 


You want to get to your goals in a safe and clean environment.

What does the program look like?

You will start with an intake together with one of our personal trainers. We will discuss what you need and we will immediately start with advising on your lifestyle and nutrition.

Training consists of 1x personal training per week with with a personal trainer. Besides that, you will train 2x per week in Small Group Training for 60 minutes. These groups are with a maximum of 5 people, also with a personal trainer present. 

You will receive nutrition and lifestyle tips, a training program and expert guidance towards your goals. 

This is what you will NOT receive:

    • A crowded gym;
    • No personal attention to your goals and needs;
    • Trainers that only push you beyond your limits.

We find it important that you feel well in our environment. That’s why we’re not for everyone, which we do not mind. We find our welcoming environment, personal guidance and accessibility important. Do you agree with this? Let’s schedule an appointment immediately.

What do you get?

    • 11 sessions with a personal trainer;
    • A welcoming and safe environment;
    • Results;
    • Qualified and driven personal trainers that want to help;
    • The possibility to reach out to us 24/7 throught e-mail or WhatsApp for nutrition or lifestyle questions;
    • A start and end measurements.
What does the program cost?

The program costs €184,- for 21 days in your first steps towards your personal goal. 

When does the challenge start?

You can apply now for the challenge!

What is the proces of the Challenge?

When you have applied, one of our personal trainers will contact you. We will answer all your questions and invite you over for a free intake. Here we will complete your application so you can start as soon as possible. We will do a start measurements during our intake and after 21 days we will conclude with an end measurement and evaluation. 

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