My husband signed me up for a 6 month program as a Christmas present after I somewhat neglecting myself over the past few years due to being pregnant 3 times within 4 years, having kids, holding a demanding job and general life!

The transformation has not only been physical but also mentally. I thought before starting ‘I don’t have energy for this in my life’ and ‘how would only once a week make a difference?’ But I did have energy and it did make a difference, a huge difference! Tom even coached me while I was traveling from Miami to Denver to Perth & Liverpool. I am now fitter, stronger, more confident and the happiest I have ever been. Oh and I look good to 🙂

I have dropped 13kg & 2 dresses sizes, changed my lifestyle and my relationship with working out & food.

Tom is a great trainer and general life coach, he really invests his time in his clients and offers all the support and drive for them to get results. I would also like to thank Tom for also being my therapist some weeks and I’m sorry for all my moaning.”